Trees and nature strips


Your role

The trees on your property should be planted half the height they will to grow away from the house, fence, or other buildings. This is to keep the roots from causing damage and to make sure the branches don’t hang over nearby properties.

If your trees, or your neighbour’s trees, are causing problems to private property, or drain pipes, we encourage you to talk about it. If a branch from one property hangs over the neighbours, the overhang can be removed back to the fence. This is also something to talk about with your neighbours.

If you are thinking about removing or pruning a tree, it’s important to check if you need a Planning Permit.

Our role

We deal with trees on Council land, road reservations and some nature strips. If trees on private property are causing a traffic hazard or overhanging a footpath, we may take action.

We take care to choose the right trees and maintain them correctly. We also choose trees that look good, and provide physical, environmental and ecological benefits to the community.

To let us know if there’s a problem with a tree that we are responsible for, please get in touch.

Nature strips 

Nature strips are an important part of our city. They make the streets look good and provide a way to deliver underground services.

Your role

Council’s Nature Strip policy outlines what you can and can’t do with the nature strip outside your residence. A well maintained nature strip adds to the beauty of your street and our city. It’s still important for Council and other service providers to still have adequate access to the services underneath and that the nature strip does not create a hazard to pedestrians or road users alike.

If you would like to make changes to your nature strip there are activities permitted under the policy. We encourage you to read through the policy and complete the application if you wish to make a change.

Our role

Road reservations (islands) are our responsibility. If a reservation is overgrown or there is a problem please get in touch. Council does not have the resources to maintain nature strips but we can put you in touch with volunteer services or other options if you can no longer find a way to maintain it.