Community engagement

Council is committed to working with our community to form decisions and projects that will enhance lives.

We are making it even easier to get in touch with us either in-person or online.

Sign up to our Engagement Hub – Let’s Talk, Glenorchy. This is a space to share ideas, discuss important topics, provide feedback on Council’s plans and help shape the future of our community.
Let’s Talk, Glenorchy is regularly updated with project information and ways for you to have your say.

Our community engagement projects and activities are guided by our Community Engagement Framework.

Let’s talk, Glenorchy works alongside Council’s various face-to-face engagement activities to provide more ways for you to have your say at a time that’s convenient for you.

Community Reference Groups

Council has two types of reference groups – core groups (established for up to four years) for matters that are long term, affect a significant section of the community and have wide ranging impacts, and targeted groups (established for up to one year) that are for shorter term issues that require specific subject matter experts.

The role of the reference groups:

  • an important way for people to contribute to specific issues across the municipality.
  • Council can gain different perspectives and hear from a broad range of people.
  • Utilise the people in our community with lived and learned experiences that would be able to provide valuable input into Council’s decision making through participation in the groups.

The groups are not decision-making bodies but provide advice to Council officers and aldermen to help plan Council services and priorities.

All the groups meet four times a year.

For people who can’t commit long term to one of the reference groups, each group may also hold various meetings or workshops throughout the year that will be open to all members of the community.  Some groups may also establish short-term working groups for specific matters.

Read on further about our core reference groups and consider if you would like to participate. All meetings are open to the public but you must RSVP with the contact officer.

Through collaboration the Safer Communities Reference Group work together to play a significant role in fostering the development of safer communities; by acknowledging that safety is not measured purely by the presence or absence of crime and understanding that community connectedness, pride of place, cultural interaction, equity, social justice and inclusion have the power to build safer communities.


Consultations with people who live, work, study, create, volunteer, shop, visit, play or do business in the City of Glenorchy established a definition of what constitutes a safe community. This collective definition features:

  • Respect, acceptance and understanding
  • Knowing your neighbours
  • Community connectedness
  • Gatherings, celebrations, events and activities
  • Education and employment
  • Opportunities for young people
  • Safe, clean, welcoming spaces free from crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Police presence – engaging in the community
  • Fun and creativity
  • A place where people genuinely care for each other

Council’s focus has evolved to reflect the established definition of what constitutes a safe community and the underlying causes of crime. We are moving toward a people and place focused approach. It’s no longer about being ‘tough on crime’; instead it is about being ‘smart on crime’ and ‘tough on the causes of crime’; this approach has the potential to break cycles of crime and address the contributing factors that can lead to crime.


Meeting Dates 2022: 26 May 2022/25 August/24 November

To join a meeting or be a member of the reference group please contact:

Lisa Rudd, Community Development Officer – Safer Communities

Ph: 6216 6317


The Glenorchy City Council Access and Inclusion Reference Group Provides advice to Glenorchy City Council on matters related to access and inclusion, advocates for the rights of people with a disability and brings awareness of the lived experiences of people with a disability.


Meeting Dates 2022: 5 May, 16 August, 3 November (RSVP essential)

To join a meeting or be a member of the reference group please contact:

Elisa Ryan, Community Development Office – Access and Inclusion Officer

Ph: 6216 6371


The Healthy Communities reference group actively contributes to the development of a healthy, thriving, vibrant and strongly connected Glenorchy community.

The role of the group is to provide advice and feedback on Council projects, developments, and initiatives that impact on the physical and mental health and wellbeing of the community. Members of the reference group are passionate about community health and wellbeing in Glenorchy.


Meeting Dates 2022: 17 May, 16 August, 15 November

To join a meeting or be a member of the reference group please contact:

Willie Joseph, Community Development Officer – Healthy Communities

Ph: 6216 6309


The group actively contribute to the development of arts and culture in Glenorchy as outlined in the Art and Culture and Community Strategy.

The group will play a key role in the delivery of the Glenorchy A City of Arts 2040, informing, providing insight and expertise broadly across community directions, and specifically regarding Council’s Arts and Culture program – its initiatives, policies and procedures, and projects.

If you are passionate about arts and culture in Glenorchy and would like to be part of working towards an exciting future for Glenorchy we are after people who would like to join the group or come along forums focussing on specific areas coming up in 2022.


To join and meeting or be a member of the reference group please contact:

Eleanor Downes, Coordinator Arts and Culture

Ph: 6216 6382