Landslide Areas

Landslide Area

There are two declared areas within the municipality of Glenorchy with a ‘high landslip hazard’ banding that Council monitors, the Rosetta Landslip and the Casuarina Landslip. Find more information on hazard bands here.

As part of Council’s management responsibilities, we monitor the conditions in these two areas and produce a quarterly report. Council is also part of the Landslip Management Working Group which includes Glenorchy City Council, Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service – Property Services, TasWater and Mineral Resources Tasmania.

What is a landslide hazard?

A landslide hazard is a source of potential harm resulting from the downslope movement of a mass of rock, debris, or earth. Landslides include falls, topples, slides, flows, and spreads.

Living or developing in a landslide area

If you own a property or are thinking about developing land within declared landslide areas, you should be aware of what you can and cannot do on your property – speak to a planner

You can check if your property is in a landslip area here

Landslip area monitoring

Council may conduct a range of activities as part of its monitoring regime including surveys and measuring groundwater.

Quarterly Monitoring Reports


October 2023

January 2023


February 2022

June 2022

August 2022


For reports prior to 2021 please contact Council to request a copy.

Aerial images and maps

Rosetta Landslip- Hone Road, Officer Street and Crosby Road

Rosetta landslip base plan B1381

Casuarina Landslip Casuarina Crescent Berriedale (photography 2013

Casuarina crescent landslip

For any further enquiries about landslide areas (not related to development) please contact the Infrastructure team at Council on 6216 6800.