Before you build

If you want to build a fence between two properties, the cost of the fence should be shared between property owners.

If your property shares a boundary with a Council-owned house, building or reserve, we will share the cost of fencing.

To organise this, you need 2 written quotes for a 1.5-metre-high treated pine, lapped paling fence with steel posts set in concrete. For more information, please see our Council’s contribution to boundary fences policy (PDF).

Please send the quotes and your name, address, and boundary to our Property Department via gccmail@gcc.tas.gov.au, or in person at 374 Main Road, Glenorchy.

One of our officers will check that we need a new fence and, if we do, we will send a letter accepting the quote and the amount to be paid.

If you decide to use an alternative contractor or build a higher or different style of fence, you need to pay the additional cost.

Important: do not start any fencing work before you get approval for the costs, as we will not pay if you put up the fence before it’s approved.

After you build

Once your fence is completed:

  • complete the EFT Application Form supplied with the letter of approval
  • give us the form and a copy of the invoice
  • arrange for a final inspection to be made 

If the fence is well built, we will transfer our payment into your bank account. 

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