Living and working in Glenorchy

Glenorchy is a fantastic place to live and work.  

Whether you are from elsewhere in Tasmania, the mainland (what we call the Big Island of Australia), or from overseas, Glenorchy feels like home. We embrace diversity and different cultures and celebrate a community where everyone is accepted no matter what their background. 

We celebrate our arts, with Mona and the Moonah Arts Centre centres for appreciating arts produced locally, as well as internationally.

We have three bustling CBDs. Funky, multicultural industrial Moonah, where you can grab a latte or eat a samosa while checking out the art. Service hub Glenorchy, where you can pay your rates, get the grocery shopping done and sit in the sun before your doctor’s appointment. And Claremont Village, where you can catch up with the girls for a coffee and cake, before heading to the foreshore for a stroll.

We are more relaxed in Glenorchy and take time to enjoy nature. Across the city, we have stunning views of the Mountain and the River. And our residents like nothing better than cycling along the InterCity Cycle, walking along the foreshore, or having a barbeque down at Tolosa.

Housing is more affordable here and there is a range of options: from apartment living nearer the CBDs, to family homes in the suburbs, to acreages at Collinsvale. There’s something to suit everyone and every family.

We are also connected to the rest of the State. Hobart City is just a few minutes away by road or cycle, the Bridgewater Bridge connects us to the North and the Norfolk Highway to the wild West. And our Council is working with the Tasmanian and Australian Governments to activate the Northern Suburbs Rail Corridor. 

With a strong manufacturing base, industrious and diversified economy, and a development pipeline promising thousands of jobs in the next decade, there are plenty of employment opportunities for you and your family.