Glenorchy 26TEN Literacy Community

Having good skills in reading, writing and maths is important for everyday life yet around 48% of Tasmanians do not have the literacy or numeracy skills needed to function in today’s world.

A community with strong reading, writing and maths skills means:

  • People in the community can access greater work opportunities
  • Poverty is reduced and crime rates go down
  • People engage more with their community
  • People in the community are healthier, both physically and mentally

There are many reasons why some adults have lower skills in reading, writing and maths but it’s never too late to improve your skills at any age.

What we’re doing

Glenorchy City Council is one of five 26TEN Communities in Tasmania funded by the Tasmanian State Government to help improve the literacy and numeracy skills in the local community. The ‘Glenorchy 26TEN Community: local literacy for work and life project’ is about connecting with local businesses, community services and organisations to help them support their staff, clients or volunteers with reading, writing and maths.  

We have an active Glenorchy 26TEN Community of Practice where local businesses, community services and organisations meet regularly to look at ways we can support the people in our community. 

We’ve created Glenorchy 26TEN Ambassador roles.  People who are passionate about their community can learn more about improving literacy in Tasmania, the local services available in Glenorchy and how to refer people to those services. 

Our aim is to increase support and opportunities in the community by working with businesses, community services and organisations, including migrant support programs.

Get involved

We’re keen to hear from local business, community services, organisations or clubs who are interested in being part of this or want to find out more.

We’d also like to hear from any individuals who are interested in being a Glenorchy 26TEN Ambassador or being a volunteer adult literacy tutor.

Contact the Glenorchy 26TEN Community Coordinator at Council now!

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