Issues with your bins

Missed bins

If your bin has not been emptied, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Obstruction – was there a vehicle parked in front of your bin, or was it behind a telegraph pole or other obstruction?
  • Placement – was the bin was facing the wrong way or out of reach of the side arm on the truck?
  • Overfull or too heavy – was your bin over 70kgs? Was the lid of your bin able to close?
  • Contamination – did it contain items which cannot be collected? To view a list of items that you can and cannot place in your bin please visit our Waste And Recycling Services Guide (PDF).

Please check the lid of your bin for a sticker which will tell you the reason it was not collected and then contact us. We will notify our waste services contractor to make sure that your missed bins are collected.

NB: If your bin is really full, sometimes items may become compacted and so they don’t fall out when the bin is lifted into the truck. Please loosen the contents of the bin and then contact us to get the bin emptied. 

Damaged bins

If your bin is damaged (e.g. wheels fallen off, broken lid, bin has split etc) please contact us to organise repairs.

Please report what type of bin (waste, recycling or FOGO) has been damaged and the type of damage.

  • Requests for bin repairs and replacements must be received no later than 2pm on the prior Thursday.
  • Your bin will be repaired or replaced on the following Friday from when your request has been received and completed.
  • Leave the damaged bin empty on the kerbside for repair or replacement.  

Lost or stolen bins

If your bin has gone missing please contact us to report a lost or stolen bin. Please tell us what type of bin (waste, recycling or FOGO) has been lost or stolen.


Wheelie bins are the property of Glenorchy City Council and each property is allocated a waste bin, a recycling bin and a FOGO bin which must remain at the property. 

Larger bins

We can upgrade your 140-litre general waste bin to the larger 240-litre size for an additional charge. For more information please head to Additional household waste services.