Recycling collection

Every property has a standard 240 litre, yellow-lid recycle bin that is emptied fortnightly on the same day as your general waste collection. To confirm your collection day visit our Waste Collection Map and type in your address.

When your bin is collected, our contractor takes the contents to Cleanaway’s Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) at Derwent Park, where it goes through a process of sorting both by machine and by hand. Paper and cardboard, glass, plastics, aluminium and steel cans are sorted and processed ready to be shipped for recycling.

 To learn more about this process, and what happens to our recycled materials, visit our dedicated waste website ‘WasteStartsWithU’.

What goes in your bin

We will collect:

  • paper and cardboard
  • glass – all green, brown and clear glass bottles and jars, rinsed and lids removed
  • metal – aluminium and steel cans, including aerosol cans (empty with nozzles removed)
  • plastic – food and drink containers, rinsed and dried where possible
  • milk and juice cartons with triangle (gable) tops

We will NOT collect:

  • facial tissues and paper towels (these also go in your FOGO wheelie bin with the lime green lid)
  • waxed paper and/or carbon paper
  • ceramics and porcelain, Pyrex cookware, mirrors or window glass, light globes, sheet glass and poison bottles
  • plastic bags, cling-film
  • foam or polystyrene
  • nappies, syringes
  • garden/organic waste
  • clothing or shoes
  • oil, acid or chemical container
  • asbestos 

Want to know more about recycling in Glenorchy?

Visit our page How Do I Recycle?