Additional household waste services

Driver to collect service

If you are having difficulty putting your wheelie bins out for collection you can ask Council to arrange for them to be collected by our waste contractor. There is no cost for this service but you must provide a medical certificate from your doctor as part of the assessment, and the waste collectors must be able to collect them safely. Our Waste team can discuss your options, please contact us first.

Additional waste collections

For general waste bins only, there is an option to get weekly collections for an extra charge. Please contact Veolia directly on 03 6244 0000 for further information.

Larger general waste bins

We can upgrade a 140-litre general waste bin to a larger 240-litre size for an additional charge. Before choosing this more expensive option consider the type of waste in your bin.

With the introduction of larger 240-litre recycling bins and a FOGO bin for food and garden waste, waste going into garbage bins should be significantly reduced.

Please note, a larger 240-litre garbage bin is available where there are five (5) or more people living in the household (including members of the same family) and adequate evidence has been provided to Council (or if we can confirm that there is another good reason to allow the upgrade).   The request can only be made by a the property owner, not a tenant. It is also not available to properties with shared waste services..

To apply, please complete the Bin Application Form (PDF)

Apply for wheelie bins (new properties)

If you’ve just built or moved in to a newly built house or property, you’ll need to apply to Council for a new wheelie bin service.

To apply, complete our Bin Application Form (PDF), and return it to us by email or in person.

Skip bins

You need a permit to put a skip bin on any public street or road in Glenorchy. For more information visit the Skip bin page.

Additional recycling services

Visit How do I recycle? to get an overview of all the recycling programs available in the Glenorchy area, including free recycling drop off areas, soft plastics, e-waste and more.