Audit Panel

Our Audit Panel ensures that the Council is managed responsibly and transparently and that we comply with all our obligations under the relevant legislation.

The Audit Panel does this by reviewing Council’s financial management, comparing how we perform against our long-term plans and checking to make sure we comply with our policies and procedures.  


The Audit Panel is governed according to the Audit Panel Charter of Glenorchy City Council (PDF).

The Charter sets out all the information about how the Audit Panel is run, including:

  • who sits on the Audit Panel
  • what sort of matters the Audit Panel is to consider when it reviews Council’s performance
  • the procedures that the Audit Panel has to follow at its meetings.

Audit Panel members are also required to follow the Audit Panel Code of Conduct (PDF).


Meetings of the Audit Panel are closed to the general public.

Copies of agendas and minutes of Audit Panel meetings are also not available for public viewing. However, the Chair of the Audit Panel provides a formal report to Council each year, which is published in our Annual Report


The Audit Panel consists of 2 Council Aldermen and 3 independent members (who are required to have appropriate qualifications). 

The independent Audit Panel are appointed by Council, following an expression of interest process that is open to everyone. 

The members of Council’s Audit Panel are:

  • Mike Derbyshire (independent member and Chairperson)
  • Belinda Webster (independent member)
  • Ric De Santi (independent member)
  • Alderman Sue Hickey
  • Councillor Harry Quick