Glenorchy City: A Profile

The City of Glenorchy is home to over 51,000 people.  The City is located about 7 kilometres north of the Hobart CBD and is bounded by the Derwent River in the north and east, Hobart City in the south-east, the Kingborough Council area in the south and the Derwent Valley Council area in the west.

The City features both urban and semi-rural areas and is characterised by a diverse mix of industrial, commercial and residential development. Industries in the City include ship building, metal fabrication, zinc processing, food processing, furniture production and high technology industry. The City encompasses a total land area of about 120 square kilometres.

Glenorchy City Council has several demographic tools available through the .id toolkit, including:

  • community profiles to understand the local community and how places are changing
  • social atlas – to show the distribution of key demographics spatially
  • housing analysis – understand housing consumption, capacity and affordability
  • economic profile – presents economic information that describes the City’s role within the broader economy and explores options for economic development

The tools are used by Council officers to gain a better understanding of the City and helps staff and aldermen to plan services and facilities, identify needs and monitor trends.

The demographic information can also be used for free by members of the public, community groups and businesses.