If you are a contractor, authority or individual intending to carry out works involving digging up a footpath, nature strip or roadway, you must apply for a Road Reserve Permit?

What is a Road Reserve Permit?

Road Reserves are defined as the full width of a public road, including roadways, shoulders, footpaths and nature strips.

Permits are required when work is proposed within the Road Reserve which involves:

  • Road closures so that you can safely undertake construction
  • Any construction that requires the road or footpath surface to be excavated
  • Placement of a crane, scissor list, cherry picker, concrete pump, hoarding, scaffolding or similar infrastructure on the road reserve
  • Installation of traffic control devices (traffic cones, traffic signs, safety barriers, etc.) to safely manage any other construction safely

What is the purpose of a Road Reserve Permit?

The purposes of the Permit are to:

  1. Ensure that works in the road reserve are undertaken safely
  2. Ensure that Council assets are protected
  3. Ensure that impact on the public is managed
  4. Avoid conflict with other projects, events and activities

Under Section 46 of the Local Government (Highways) Act 1982, a permit is required to undertake any work in the road reserve.

Documents Required for the Permit:

  • Scaled plan of the proposed works
  • Confirmation DBYD has been undertaken
  • Public liability insurance of $10M
  • Risk assessment and any consultation undertaken
  • Traffic management plan
  • Planning application number (if applicable)

What costs are involved in obtaining a Road Reserve Permit?

The cost for Road Reserve Permits can be found in Council’s Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Road Reserve Permit applications must be submitted 5 days prior to the intended start of work.

For Before You Dig Australia (BYDA) visit www.byda.com.au.

For enquiries regarding the Road Reserve Permit application or the new driveway crossovers, contact Glenorchy City Council’s customer service team on 03 6216 6800.

Completed Road Reserve Permit applications should be sent to Council’s Compliance Officer at gccmail@gcc.tas.gov.au

View our Road Reserve Permit Application (PDF).