Cultural diversity

Glenorchy is rich in its cultural diversity with many different cultural groups calling this city home. We support and celebrate multiculturalism through a range of programs and activities. 

Welcoming Cities

Welcoming Cities

Welcoming Cities is a national network of cities, shires, towns and municipalities who are committed to an Australia where everyone can belong and participate in social, cultural, economic and civic life.

Glenorchy City Council was the first Tasmanian Local Government to become a signatory to the Welcoming Cities Australia Network.

Multicultural Community Spaces Plan

The Multicultural Spaces Plan (PDF) help identify solutions to meet the varying needs of multicultural groups for spaces and facilities in Glenorchy that support cultural activities. The development of a Multicultural Hub in Moonah, launched in November 2017, is a significant outcome of the plan.

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The Hub – Multicultural Council of Tasmania

The Multicultural Hub at 65 Hopkins Street in Moonah is an innovative transitional space supporting the needs of newly arrived and established multicultural communities. Glenorchy City Council’s Multicultural Community Spaces Plan and service agreement with the Multicultural Council of Tasmania has created a great space for multicultural community events, gatherings, workshops and meetings. The Hub is also supported by the Tasmanian Government.

Racism. It Stops With Me

Glenorchy City Council is a supporter of the Racism. It Stops With Me national campaign.

Racism. It Stops With Me is a national campaign that provides tools and resources to help people and organisations learn about racism and stand against it by acting for positive change.

Cultural diversity organisations

The following list provides resources on cultural diversity in Tasmania, particularly in southern Tasmania.