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Aboriginal Acknowledgement

Glenorchy City Council acknowledges the Muwinina people as the traditional owners of this Land. We recognise all Tasmanian Aboriginal people as the original owners and continuing custodians of the land and waters of this island, lutruwita. We pay our respect to Aboriginal Elders, past and present. We commit to working for a City that welcomes and respects all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

Glenorchy City Council’s Commitment to Aboriginal Australians November 1997

Glenorchy City Council acknowledges the traditional ownership of this area by Aboriginal peoples who were dispossessed by European invasion more than two hundred years ago. The arrival of Europeans brought massive change to this land and to the Aboriginal Australians who occupied it. For its part the City of Glenorchy grieves for the loss by Aboriginal peoples of their land, their children, their health, their culture, their language and their lives. We celebrate the survival of Aboriginal peoples following the devastating impact of European invasion and support the right for Aboriginal peoples to determine their own future. We recognise the right of Aboriginal peoples to live according to their own values and customs, subject to the Australian legal system, and we commit ourselves to protecting, preserving, and respecting Aboriginal sacred sites and special places. We accept our responsibility to work with the Aboriginal community to develop awareness and appreciation of Aboriginal history and society in our community. In doing so we acknowledge that Aboriginal culture continues to strengthen and enrich our community. The Glenorchy area is now occupied by people drawn from many different lands who share the values of tolerance and respect for one another. The Glenorchy City Council encourages indigenous and non-indigenous peoples across the Nation to work to overcome their differences and to continue to go forward together. Council supports Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples working together for reconciliation.

Glenorchy City Council’s Community Strategy 2021-2040

 Glenorchy Community Strategy 2021-2040

One of the priority outcomes for the Community Strategy is for an Accessible, Inclusive and Diverse community, caring for all.

A specific goal of this strategy is that our community understands and values the stories and aspirations of Aboriginal peoples. 

Council’s objective is to nurture its relationships with Aboriginal peoples and groups in the Glenorchy community to foster mutual respect and build cultural awareness.

Useful links and resources

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