Water seepage

When ground or surface water does not run into a channel or stormwater drain, it can cause water seepage. 

The steps below can help you identify how to manage water seepage on your property.


Contact a qualified plumber

If there is water seepage on your property, the first thing to do is get a qualified plumber to check that the water seepage is not caused by broken plumbing on your property.


Protect your property from seepage

Underground water may affect some properties, particularly after sustained or heavy rain periods. If this happens on your property, you will need to provide some sort of protection, such as subsoil drains, in place.

You can reduce the risk of water seepage to your property by:

  • making sure all your roof areas drain into well-maintained downpipes and then to your drainage system
  • cleaning the gutters and downpipes regularly
  • making sure proper underground drains (e.g. subsoil drains, French drain, soakage trench etc.) are installed and maintained to protect rooms and garages that have floors below ground level
  • making sure that all areas that water can’t drain through, such as paths and driveways, don’t send water towards your property or your neighbours’.

It is recommended that property owners seek professional advice before starting any works which may change the drainage of the property.


Issues caused by water or sewer mains

If a qualified plumber finds that the seepage is caused by water or sewer mains, please contact TasWater on 136 992.


Surface runoff from a neighbouring property

It is ok for water to run onto your property from a grassed area nearby. However, surface runoff from a hardstand area such as a roof or driveway needs to be sent to proper stormwater outlet. To report any issues with surface runoff from a neighbouring property, please get in touch.

Please note, if water is running from a leak in a neighbour’s plumbing, they need to fix it.


Stormwater mains

If your qualified plumber finds that the water seepage is caused by a stormwater main, please get in touch. We check all stormwater mains and repair any faults that we find.


Contacting Council

If you have tried the above options and you still can’t locate the source of the water seepage, we have an investigations officer who can investigate further. To arrange this, please get in touch.

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