Economic Participation and Implementation Collaborator Group

If you are involved in business in Glenorchy we are inviting you to participate in the Economic Participation and Implementation Collaborator (EPIC) Group.

Members are from across Tasmania, including the public sector, not for profit groups, and most importantly – large and small businesses that operate in Glenorchy City.

The diversity of our economy is its strength, our City has experience, wisdom, intellect and leadership that is untapped, we aim to unearth these strengths and build on them. Beginning with collaboration and diversity right from the start means this is an inclusive strategy, accurately reflecting Glenorchy City’s economic aspirations.

What is EPIC?


The EPIC Group will be the foundation upon which the economic direction of the City of Glenorchy is created; to encourage future growth, investment and resilience for the local economy.


Members are expected to contribute to positive economic change by identifying innovative and sustainable objectives and strategies for all economic participants (both public, private and not for profit) that aim to create a strong economy and jobs for the future.


The EPIC Group members will collectively monitor the plans implementation and where appropriate lead, facilitate or advocate for implementation of specific actions or projects identified in the strategy


All EPIC Group members actively work together to identify shared issues and their solutions, contribute insights and ideas for Glenorchy’s growth and bring their own unique skills and resources that will contribute to common economic goals. 

The the five objectives and fifty actions that the EPIC Group have identified to grow our City are in the Glenorchy Economic Development Strategy 2020-25.

We’d love to hear from you if you want to be a part of the EPIC Group.