Public Interest Disclosures

Public Interest Disclosure (or whistle blowing protection) is to encourage our employees to report any fraud, crime or improper behaviour they have witnessed or seen carried out by other employees.

To make sure you are protected, you can report this information to either:

  • PID Officer
  • General Manager
  • Ombudsman Tasmania

(If the information concerns improper behaviour or actions of the PID Officer or the General Manager, then you should report it directly to the Ombudsman.)

You can view a diagram of the PID process.

Your information will be treated with the complete confidentiality, to protect your identity to stop any payback or harassment.

If your information deals with a crime or fraud it will be passed to either Tas Police or to the Integrity Commission.

The PID Officer will:

  • act as a contact point for general advice and to receive your information about improper conduct
  • make arrangements to ensure your disclosure is done privately (this may be away from the workplace)
  • make a decision on whether the allegation is a protected disclosure
  • take all necessary steps to ensure your identity is protected


PID Officers

Email –

Ombudsman Contact Information:

Phone: 1800 001 170

Website: Public Interest Disclosures