Glenorchy Planning Authority

The Glenorchy Planning Authority’s purpose is to consider and make decisions about land use and planning matters on behalf of the Council. Unlike some other Councils, planning decisions are not considered at meetings of the Council, but are instead delegated to the Glenorchy Planning Authority. 

Matters considered by the Glenorchy Planning Authority include whether to approve development applications submitted to the Council. It also considers various other matters under the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 and other State legislation.   

Meetings of the Glenorchy Planning Authority are formal and are required to be conducted under the same meeting rules as meetings of the full Council.

The Glenorchy Planning Authority usually meets once a month on Mondays at 5pm, unless there is a clash with a public holiday. 

Council Meetings and Glenorchy Planning Authority Meetings Dates 2021

Minutes and agendas of meetings of the Glenorchy Planning Authority are available on our Minutes and Agendas page.

Glenorchy Planning Authority Committee

The Glenorchy Planning Authority Committee is currently made up of the following Council Aldermen:

  • Acting Mayor Bec Thomas (Chair)
  • Alderman Jan Dunsby
  • Alderman Kelly Sims
  • Alderman Angela Ryan

The fifth position on the GPA is currently vacant due to the resignation of former Mayor Kristie Johnston. A new member will be appointed following the 2021 Mayor and Aldermen By-Elections in June/July 2021.

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