30-Year Greater Hobart Plan open for consultation

Following on from the Vision for Greater Hobart released in 2021, the Greater Hobart Committee has developed a draft 30-Year Greater Hobart Plan to help fulfil the Vision over coming years.

Our city is growing and changing, and a proactive plan to guide this growth will help to retain the Greater Hobart we know and love. The draft Plan is produced in collaboration by The Greater Hobart Committee which comprises the mayors of the four Greater Hobart councils (Glenorchy, Clarence, Kingborough and Hobart) as well as the State Government Ministers for State Development, Construction and Housing, Infrastructure and Transport, and Community Services and Development.

A Greater Hobart Plan is a whole-of-city guide to assist the development of transport, housing and employment centres and how they relate to each other in the long term. With an additional 60,000 people expected to call Greater Hobart home over the next 30 years the draft plan encourages greater housing diversity and emphasises the importance of keeping people connected through affordable housing options, close to public transport and basic amenities.

The draft Greater Hobart Plan is accompanied by a detailed Strategy for Growth and Change which outlines future plans to support a growing population and a developing city.

Now, the Greater Hobart Committee wants to hear from the community and understand their priorities for managing our city over the next 30 years.

The Draft Greater Hobart Plan is now open for public consultation.

Have your Say

We invite you to view the Draft Greater Hobart Plan, then have your say in one of the following ways:

  1. Complete the online survey hosted by Hobart City Council
  2. Email your submission or feedback to contact@greaterhobart.tas.gov.au

Please note unless requested by the author, formal submissions received by email will be made publicly available on the website at www.greaterhobart.tas.gov.au

Submissions close 5pm, Monday 20 June 2022