Council Meeting News – May 2022

Capital works and major projects update

Glenorchy City Council is set to deliver a suite of new community sport and recreation facilities, with construction on several major projects to commence early in the new financial year.

As part of a comprehensive update on its capital works program at the May Council meeting, Council heard that the $1.18m clubroom and amenities building at the Eady Street sports ground, and the $3m extension to the Jackson Street landfill were almost complete.

Construction work on the Giblins Reserve Playspace, Montrose Bay Foreshore Skate Park and major soccer facility upgrades at KGV and North Chigwell ovals is likely to start before the end of 2022.

Council’s full capital works program for 2021/22 has been impacted heavily by the availability of materials and contractors caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, with $8.76m of the total $19.6m budget remaining to be spent in the last 2 months of the financial year.

You can view the full update in the meeting agenda here.

Statewide waste levy to impact and landfill fees

Charges for the kerbside rubbish collection on next years’ rates bills will increase by 6% for Glenorchy residents, following a decision at last night’s Council meeting.

The 6% increase is necessary to absorb the cost of the State Government’s $20 per tonne waste levy which comes into effect from 1 July, as well as the increasing costs of providing the service.

Council will also collect the $20 per tonne waste levy on any general waste deposited at its Jackson Street landfill. 

As part of its updated service offering, Council will now offer businesses the ability opt in to a fortnightly kerbside FOGO service for $81 per year. The FOGO service has previously only been available to residential customers.

Council’s full list of fees and charges (including waste and landfill charges) for 2022-23 can be viewed on our Fees and Charges page.

Council sets fees and charges for 2022/23

Council adopted its suite of fees and charges for the next financial year across its entire service offering at its May meeting, with most fees to increase by 3.5%, except where there are special circumstances or full cost recovery is required.

Council heard the 3.5% increase was necessary to cover the increased costs of doing business, although it was noted by Aldermen that the increase was below the current rate of inflation.

Council’s full list of fees and charges for 2022-23 can be viewed on our Fees and Charges page.