Glenorchy City Council Childcare Review

Glenorchy City Council has voted to retain and invest in its two childcare centres.

Glenorchy Mayor Bec Thomas said Council voted to make funding available to improve the Benjafield and Berriedale centres and get the service on a sustainable footing.

“I know this will be an immense relief to over 140 families that use Council’s childcare centres.

“The first 1000 days in a child’s life are crucial for their development and have a huge impact on their life chances.

“Council has a role to play in supporting children and families in our community and this is one tangible and cost-effective way of doing this considering the state and federal government funding that contributes to the service.

“These childcare centres have been operating for 30 years, and we want to make sure they are sustainable into the future,” Mayor Thomas said.

Council made the decision following consideration of an independent report into the two centres as part of a broader review into Council services.

“As a Council, we want to position Glenorchy as a welcoming community and a place people want to live and work – ensuring these childcare places stay in our community plays a role in that,” Mayor Thomas said.

Mayor Thomas said Council recognised that accessing childcare was becoming increasingly difficult due to a nationwide shortage of child educators and Glenorchy was no different.

“We have two excellent Council-owned and run centres with tremendous staff that provide an extremely valuable service to our community. Council has determined to invest in those centres to maximise their sustainability, potentially grow placements and continue delivering for our community.”

Council would seek to initially invest about $500,000 in the centres.

“This will be spread across capital improvements, new equipment and staff recruitment. All of these aspects will help provide better facilities, not just for the children who attend the centres, but the people who work there.”

“The commitment for 2022/23 will see us reinvest some of the profits the service has made in recent years and is a small price to pay to support local parents to earn income, businesses to have staff, and importantly, to contribute to the development of the children of the future” Mayor Thomas said.

Council met with staff of the centres on Tuesday 30 August to discuss the decision and notified parents whose children attend the centres.

“We understand that any time people hear about a service being reviewed it can cause concern. Pleasingly, though, this process has helped Council deliver a solid path to sustainability for both the Berriedale and Benjafield centres,” Mayor Thomas said.