Council welcomes automated traffic enforcement program

Glenorchy City Council welcomes the Tasmanian Government’s announcement to install a new fleet of mobile speed cameras across the state in an effort to limit dangerous driving and protect the lives of Tasmanians.

Not only will the technology penalise those who choose to break the rules and ignore speed limits, it will also help deter other reckless behaviour by increasing the enforcement presence on Tasmanian roads.

Glenorchy Mayor, Bec Thomas, said Council supported the implementation of the technology in the municipality, which will likely target 10 priority locations.  

“Inappropriate driver behaviour is widespread in the city of Glenorchy, causing safety risks and damage to road users and local businesses,” Mayor Thomas said.

“It is simply impossible for Police to capture and penalise this type of behaviour every time it occurs, because it happens so frequently, so the addition of these cameras will be beneficial for all.

“While general traffic calming measures, such as speed humps go some way to minimising danger to road users, they are not always appropriate to treat inappropriate driving behaviour, including hooning. However, speed cameras are highly effective in changing behaviour habits, as the perpetrator is dealt with a consequence.

“We have lost far too many lives on our roads this year so far. We can only hope that the addition of this new technology urges people to slow down and obey speed limits.

“On behalf of the people of Glenorchy I have been advocating to the Minister for Road Safety, the Hon. Michael Ferguson MP for measures to address dangerous driving in our City and Council commends the Government for investing $9.3million over the next three years in various road safety initiatives to keep all Tasmanians safer.”