Council Meeting News December 2022

Glenorchy City Council met for the final time for 2022 on Monday 19 December. Please find listed below highlights from the final meeting of the calendar year;

Benjafield Park Playspace Upgrade

After much planning work over the past year and responding to our community telling us that our parks and playspaces need attention, Council unanimously voted to allocate $1 million in the 2023/24 financial year to the Benjafield Playspace renewal project.

This will be welcomed by the local Moonah community who highlighted with Council recently the importance of this reserve and its playspace.

Glenorchy Community & Volunteer Awards Working Group

At the Council meeting on 29 August 2022, it was decided to combine the annual Community Awards and Volunteer Awards in the one format.

At its December meeting Council has established a working group to create the new guidelines for the new combined awards format and appointed the Mayor, Ald Yaxley and Ald Slade to the working group.

The Glenorchy Volunteer Awards were established in 1994 with the Australia Day Awards established in 1984. The combination of the two celebrations will be an exciting evolution of this important celebration of the citizens, volunteers and volunteer organisations in Glenorchy.

The newly formatted event will be delivered during Volunteer Week in May 2023.

Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Grant Program Update

Council also considered the allocation of funds under the third phase of the Australian Government Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program.

Council agreed to support the following three projects;

  • Benjafield and Berriedale Childcare Centres Playground replacements $150,000
    • this will allow for much needed upgrades to the playgrounds for an increased level of amenity for families that use the centres and consistent with Council’s decision to upgrade these facilities.
  • Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park Trail renewal $225,000
    • the upgrade and renewal of the existing trails within the mountain bike park will improve safety within the park and satisfy the part of the increasing demand for open trails within the community. The trails are currently identified as a cooperate risk on the Council’s risk register due to the poor condition of the trails. This is also consistent with the recommended works identified in the Glenorchy Mountain Bike Master Plan.
  • Abbotsfield Sportsground Fencing replacement $250,000
    • the upgrade of site fencing to Abbotsfield sportsground will increase safety and security for the site and reduce the constant unauthorised entry to the site from the old, damaged fencing.

These projects will be completed within the current financial year.

2022 Council meeting dates and times

Each year Council must consider, decide and then publish the times and places of ordinary meetings of Council and Council Committees for the next 12 months. These times and dates are then published for the community’s information.

In reviewing meetings times for 2023 Council considered the following;

  1. does the community have access to view Council proceedings and ask questions of its elected members?
  2. is the meeting time conducive to good decision making?
  3. does the timing of meetings strike a balance for responsible work life balance for Aldermen, members of the community and staff who attend and support meetings?

In considering the above, Council agreed to align all meeting times with existing arrangements for GPA and Council workshops to support quality decision making, improved work life balance and complying with work health and safety requirements; that is all Council meetings shall commence at 3:30pm on a Monday afternoon.

This proposal still allows members of the community to view and ask questions of their elected members throughout the year. 

Dates and times for all meetings will be published in local print media, on Council’s website and through other channels, as appropriate.

You can view the full agenda and minutes on Council’s website, via this link