Glenorchy moves to boost CBD housing

The Glenorchy City Council has moved to amend its planning scheme to promote the creation of more housing in the municipality, including the development of infill apartments above or behind existing ground floor shops.

Glenorchy Mayor Bec Thomas said the council was determined to respond to ongoing demand for housing, with the Council’s planning authority agreeing to prepare two new planning scheme amendments to promote housing.

“We know Tasmania is already in the grip of a housing crisis. Right here in Glenorchy we will need at least 300 new dwellings a year in the coming years just to keep up with demand.

“We need change the way we are approaching housing. We need planning schemes that support the development of more housing, and more diverse housing, for people to live in.”

Under the proposed changes, two existing planning controls will be modified to allow for the construction of apartments, including above and behind existing ground floor shops.

Mayor Thomas said the amendments aligned with local and regional planning policies, including projects under the Hobart City Deal. 

“These amendments seek to promote more opportunities for housing and encourage the construction of a diverse type of housing in the form of apartments.”

“The opportunity for infill housing close to shops, services and public transport supports key objectives of the 30-Year Greater Hobart Plan.

“It also supports the infill targets of the Southern Tasmania Regional Land Use Strategy and will implement a number of objectives from the Greater Glenorchy Plan.

“Plus it gives residents the opportunity to live within walking distance of all the great restaurants, shopping and services our city has to offer,” she said

The Principal Activity Centre Specific Area Plan will replace the existing planning control for Glenorchy’s Principal Activity Centre.  It will reinvigorate the existing urban design standards and introduce new measures to protect the centre’s key assets, while encouraging high quality development, including for apartments.

The Northern Apartments Corridor Specific Area Plan is focused on the commercial zone along Main Road between Moonah and Montrose next to the Glenorchy and Moonah activity centres.  The proposed planning control seeks to allow residential apartments to be built above or behind ground floor shops and businesses along Main Road. 

Apartments will need to be designed to reduce impacts from the non-residential uses such as noise and the movement of commercial vehicles , to make sure commercial activity remains the primary focus for this area.

Mayor Thomas also said that opportunities to increase the supply of well-located and well-designed housing was key to delivering on the council’s Statement of Commitment on Housing by supporting more safe, liveable, and affordable housing in the city.

The amendments will soon go out for public comment and people are encouraged to provide feedback on the new planning controls.  Council will carefully consider all comments received and send a report to the Tasmanian Planning Commission, which will make the final decision on the amendments.   

Once the comment period starts, relevant landowners and occupiers will be notified and more information about the new controls and how to provide feedback will be on the website