Statement from Glenorchy Mayor Bec Thomas

Glenorchy City Council is aware that a consulting firm has written to residents in the Claremont area stating that an application will be lodged to build a McDonalds fast food restaurant and drive through at 8-10 Main Rd, Claremont.

While elected members have also received this letter, no formal application has been made to the Council.

The Council acknowledges that the letter has caused concern among some residents, and that some people have contacted council expressing opposition to such a development.

It should be reiterated that no formal application has been lodged in relation to a development as outlined in the consultant’s letter. As such, there is no process currently open to Council to assess such a proposal under the planning laws, and therefore Council is unable to formally consider community feedback until such time that an application is lodged.

Until such time that an application is lodged, Council is unable to make a determination about such a development.

If an application is lodged, it will be considered under the normal assessment rules and regulations. Part of those regulations dictate that plans must be publicly advertised and that members of the public are able to make a representation regarding the application for council to consider.

Consultation, correspondence, or public meetings may be undertaken by a proponent in an attempt to ascertain community support for a project. Those activities are a matter for a proponent and cannot be organised or facilitated by the Council.

Anyone who has already contacted the council in relation to this matter will be notified if an application is made to ensure they have an opportunity to make a representation, should they choose to do so.

I believe that Glenorchy’s planning laws provide a sound basis for thorough and appropriate assessment of development applications which includes allowing the community to voice its opinion and know that it has been heard.