Brent Street Land Care Group

There are a number of fantastic volunteer groups in our city that work in partnership with Glenorchy City Council to protect the stunning natural values of our municipality through getting their hands dirty at Council reserves. Over the coming weeks, we will be highlighting these groups and the wonderful community members who spend their weekends out giving back to nature.

Brent Street Landcare is one of Glenorchy’s newest Landcare groups. The group meets to tidy the Council reserve found on the corner of Brent and Jameson Streets. The group was formed in January 2023 by local resident Tim Westcott. Tim was out appreciating the natural beauty of the Reserve one day, and was dismayed to notice the weeds creeping in. After reaching out to like-minded locals, the group now meets regularly, at 2pm on the first Saturday of each month.

Brent St Reserve may be one of Glenorchy’s smaller reserves, however it contains an abundance of native species. Brent Street Landcare have been tackling a range of weeds in the area, from boneseed to agapanthus and black berry. The work undertaken by the group improves the chances of survival for young native seedlings, and forward planning for the beautiful large native trees that these will flourish into on the Reserve as they grow.

The group also plant native plants in areas cleared of weeds to enhance the natural values of the site and create habitat and food for native animals who rely on these inner-suburban nature corridors to survive.

Tim also noticed the reserve has been used for illegal dumping of rubbish. By showing the reserve some love, and clearing the rubbish, the Group is hopeful that they may be able to encourage others to appreciate the natural beauty and start looking after the place as well.

Mayor Bec Thomas is happy to see community members getting involved when it comes to looking after their local environment.

“Council is so pleased to support and partner with these fantastic groups such as Brent Street Landcare to help keep our City’s natural values as pristine as possible. It’s been great to see so many people in Glenorchy joining groups such as this one. Volunteering in our reserves requires no experience, or long-term commitment. Interested community members can simply show up and the Brent Street Landcare group will provide all necessary training, tools, and protective equipment on the day.”

Community members should note that unfortunately, due to the steep nature of the reserve, it is not wheelchair accessible.

For more information, or to join one of the groups, please contact Glenorchy City Council. You can also find the group on Facebook at @brentstreetreservelandcare.