Council Meeting News July 2023

Glenorchy City Council held its seventh meeting for 2023 on Monday 31 July. At the meeting 8 Elected Members were present, including newly Elected Member, Alderman Shane Alderton. 

Highlights from the meeting are as follows:

Outcome from the recent Elected Member Vacancy

Council received a report confirming that Mr Shane Alderton was elected in the recount process to fill a vacant seat on Council.

Glenorchy Memorial Pool

Council received a formal report on the condition of the Glenorchy Memorial Pool, following a detailed condition assessment. The report detailed multiple problems with the facility, some of which would need urgent rectification to make the pool safe for use. These include faults in the pool shell, which are causing the pool to leak, structural issues with the concrete grandstand, an urgent requirement for the electrical switchboard to be upgraded and replaced, as well as major works for the chemical dosing area and complete refurbishment of toilets and changeroom areas.

The pool has served the community extremely well over the last 60 years, but it has reached a point where it is deteriorating faster than it can be maintained and is no longer safe for the community to use. All community facilities come to the end of their useful asset life, and the pool has lasted 20 years beyond the useful asset life expected of such a facility.

It is estimated $30 million would need to be spent to replace the pool, and Council must investigate the business case for redeveloping the pool to help inform decision making going forward. It is currently costing Glenorchy ratepayers $400,000 a year to maintain. During the last six-month season, fewer than 100 people used the pool each day on average.

Council needs to be certain appropriate investment is made, in the best interests of the Glenorchy community. This means considering not only the up-front cost of re-developed infrastructure, but also demand and ongoing financial sustainability and the whole-of-life asset cost.

Council is engaging with the State and Federal Governments on options and will keep the community informed of all options and decisions regarding the future of the pool.  

Strategic Asset Management Plan

The Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) is a framework used to manage council’s assets. A report was presented to Council that highlighted the key elements of the SAMP, including the legislative requirements, asset descriptions, level of service, risk management, financial summary, improvement plan, and monitoring. It also emphasises council’s responsibility for managing infrastructure assets worth approximately $1 billion.

The plan provides guidance for various asset maintenance activities including the programming of works based on assessments that considers service level, risk and overall usage.

The community was consulted on the draft plan over a six-week period.

The SAMP was endorsed and the next steps are to implement the plan to continuously improve Council asset management, the sustainability of assets and service levels to our community, demonstrating Council’s commitment to responsible asset management.

Capital Works Status Report

Council received its regular update on the large Capital Works program for 2022/2023. At the end of the financial year, Council’s recurrent capital works program was fully expended.  The majority of all roads, footpath, bridge, stormwater and property renewal works that had been planned for this financial year were completed, as well as a number of additional projects, such as flood mitigation works, and road works. A summary of project progress is as follows:

  • Giblins Reserve Playspace – work on this project commenced in late March 2023, with earthworks substantially underway and the installation of several pieces of play equipment now in progress.  The new public toilets are nearing completion, and this project is expected to be completed near the end of the calendar year.
  • Montrose Bay Foreshore Skatepark – the earthworks commenced in late March 2023. The concrete works including ramps and other forms are now completed and vegetation reinstatement is underway.  This project is expected to be complete in August 2023.
  • Solar Panel Installation on Council Offices – Main Rd Glenorchy – with an estimated annual saving of $25,000, works to install solar panels on Council Chambers roof are well underway with the roof and main switchboard upgrades now complete. Some engineered roof tie downs are required in a section of the building which are currently under design.  Council has received final sign-off from TasNetworks for the connection to proceed once engineering of the roof tie downs are completed in October 2023.
  • Football (Soccer) Projects – The synthetic pitch replacement at KGV has been completed and certified to FIFA standards along with all fencing surrounding the pitch. The new LED lighting is complete and operational. Detailed architectural design has been completed for the KGV change room facilities, a development application has been approved and the construction work is out for Tender. At North Chigwell the ground works and new LED lighting are now complete and ready for use for the rest of the season. Architects have designed the new clubhouse and change facilities. A development application has been lodged and once approved Council will call for Tenders for the construction process.
  • Tolosa Park Dam Reintegration Project – TasWater has recently completed a Tender process and announced the successful contractor on 18 July 2023. Works are expected to commence in September 2023 with a completion of earthworks expected to be completed in April 2024.   
  • Playground Renewal – Playspace replacement works have been completed at Booth Avenue, Barry Street Reserve, Collinsvale Reserve and Cairnduff Reserve. Council is now focusing on the 23/24 financial year upgrading several local playspaces including the $1m allocation to the Benjafield Park playspace in Moonah.

Council has also received a grant deed from the Australian Government for a $1.5m election commitment for playground renewals that was made at the last federal election. These funds will provide a further acceleration of the playground renewal program and includes the renewal of the following Playspaces:

  • Alroy Court, Rosetta
    • Cooinda Park, West Moonah
    • Roseneath Reserve, Austins Ferry
    • Chandos Drive Reserve, Berriedale
    • Pitcairn Street Reserve, Montrose
    • Battersby Drive, Claremont
    • Collinsvale Reserve, Collinsvale (completed)
    • Lutana Woodlands, Lutana
    • Barossa Road, Glenorchy
    • International Peace Park, Berriedale

Many of these Playspaces will be complete in the 23/24 financial year.

Submission to the Local Government Review

Council endorsed the making of a submission to the next stage of the Local Government Review process. The submission further built on Council’s earlier submissions to the review board in May 2022, August 2022 and February 2023.

Council supports local government reform that is based on evidence to demonstrate equity of services and financial sustainability; reform that has demonstrable benefits for ratepayers and communities.

Council looks forward to continuing to engage with the Board, the State government and the people of Glenorchy, to explore opportunities for reform that are in the best interests of our community.

Quarterly Report – Q4 End of 22/23 Financial Year

Council received the fourth and final financial year edition of the quarterly report on Council’s progress against the Annual Plan for 2022/2023. There is a large amount of detailed information, demonstrating that Council is working hard to deliver for the community, including some highlights of the quarter below:

  • Glenorchy City Council 2023/24 Budget and Annual Plan endorsed.
  • Glenorchy City Council 2023/24 Capital Works Program endorsed.
  • Annual Waste Management Strategy Progress Report tabled.
  • Glenorchy CBD Safety and Youth Engagement Update Report tabled.
  • Council’s Draft Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan developed.
  • Council’s Community Engagement Framework Review completed and endorsed.
  • Moonah Taste of the World Festival Review completed and endorsed.
  • Land Disposals and Investigations Updates including commencing with the formal propose to dispose of 23A Norman Circle, Glenorchy & 12 Rothesay Circle Reserve, Goodwood.
  • Dangerous Dog Registrations to continue at $500 for newly registered dogs, and
  • A Capital Works Update detailing progress on:
    • Giblin’s Reserve Playspace works commenced in March, expected to be completed within 12 months.
    • Montrose Bay Foreshore Skatepark works commenced in March, expected to be complete in June – weather permitting.
    • Solar Panel Installation on Council Offices underway – estimated annual saving of $25,000.
    • Prince of Wales Sports ground drainage completed.
    • Football (Soccer) projects at KGV and North Chigwell – new synthetic pitch and lighting complete at KGV, new grounds sewn at North Chigwell and design of new sports pavilions complete for submission of development application and tender process.
    • BMX Track relocation negotiations finalised with new track expected to be completed at Sorell by October/November 2023
    • Tolosa Park Dam Reintegration Project – TasWater announced contractor in July to deliver Stage A of project to reintegrate the dam by April 2024
    • Playground Renewal projects – works complete at Booth Ave, Barry Street Reserve, Collinsvale and Cairnduff Reserve playspaces. Council $1million allocation to Benjafield Playspace in Moonah about to commence and $1.5million of Federal funding to go to 10 other playspaces across the municipality.

You can view the full agenda and minutes on Council’s website, via this link