Elected members to receive an update on the Glenorchy Pool

Glenorchy City Council will receive an update on the Glenorchy War Memorial Pool at its council meeting on Monday afternoon.

Glenorchy Mayor Bec Thomas said council was continuing to explore solutions for the pool which will remain closed this season due to safety issues.

“Council recognises there is a level of concern within the community regarding the pool and the fact it will remain closed this coming season due to safety issues. As a council, we have a duty to public safety and could not ignore the advice that keeping the pool open could pose a risk to users.

“Council has initiated discussions with other levels of government about the pool, and we recognise that a detailed business case for the site would be required to mount a case for funding. We need to look not just at the capital expenditure, but also the operational costs of running a pool and what impact that may have on ratepayers now and over the life of the asset.”

Mayor Thomas said the pool serviced the community for 60 years, almost 20 years longer than the usual lifespan of a commercial outdoor pool constructed in the early-1960s.

“As a council, we are committed to ensuring our community has every opportunity to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Being able to deliver facilities that support that strategically and efficiently is critical to achieving that.

“Council officers have proposed that work commences on design concepts as well as cost benefit analysis of a replacement facility. This will not only be required for making a case for funding from government, but also will form part of council’s considerations as to what facility is best for the community,” she said.