Statement regarding Metro Tasmania Services

24 August 2023

The Greater Hobart Mayors have issued the following statement regarding changes to Metro Tasmania’s services.

“As a growing region anchored by a contemporary capital city, Greater Hobart needs a reliable, sustainable and cost effective public transport system.

The news of Metro reducing its services is a backwards step that demonstrates we’re failing to fulfil this vision.

For Greater Hobart to have a credible bus network, commuters need to have confidence in the frequency and reliability of services.

In contrast, the reduction in services will create immediate disruption and inconvenience for commuters while sending a very negative signal about the future of the network.

We need a public transport system that delivers more services, more often – not less.

Given the significant population growth projected for the Greater Hobart, this is only going to become more important in the years ahead.

The State Government must immediately address the current issues facing Metro and substantially increase its investment in public transport to deliver a network that our communities can rely on and that is safe.

It’s important to remember this is a central focus of the Hobart City Deal, which sets a KPI of increasing the number of people using public transport on their regular commute to work by 10%.”

Brendan Blomeley is the Mayor of Clarence City Council, Bec Thomas is the Mayor of Glenorchy City Council, Anna Reynolds is the Lord Mayor of the City of Hobart and Paula Wriedt is the Mayor of Kingborough Council.