Demolition Order for Three Houses at McGill Rise

In June, the Glenorchy City Council wrote to the owners of three houses at McGill Rise Claremont, ordering that the premises be demolished on the basis they were structurally unsound.

This order was issued out of concern for public safety and was based on legal advice. The 90-day demolition order period expires today.

Legal representatives for the owners and the developer have formally advised the council they intend to mount a legal challenge to the demolition.

The council will consider its legal options having received this advice.

In addition, the council will initiate the placement of safety fencing around the houses to ensure any risk to the public is minimised while the matter is resolved. The houses are at risk of collapse and independent engineering advice is that this risk increases during periods of heavy rainfall. The council will continue to monitor the buildings for any change in condition.

The houses, built in 2018, were built on insufficiently retained building platforms. This failing was not rectified by the private building surveyor engaged by the developer to sign off on the houses’ construction. As a private building surveyor was used by the developer, the council had no role in inspecting the buildings as they were being built.

Shortly after the houses were tenanted, they developed significant building defects including cracking. Investigations by engineers revealed the building platforms did not meet required standards and the buildings were declared unfit for habitation. Tenants were evacuated and the houses have remained vacant since.

Prior to the demolition order being issued, the council engaged with owners of these premises through their legal representatives in an attempt to have rectification work carried out, however, this did not occur.

The council has at all times prioritised public safety in relation to these houses.

Due to the legal issues associated with this matter, the council is unable to make further comment.

Tony McMullen, General Manager, Glenorchy City Council