Options for Glenorchy pool to be analysed

Glenorchy City Council will progress work to explore options for the long-term future of the Glenorchy pool with a tender for the project to be advertised tomorrow.

Glenorchy Mayor Bec Thomas said the council would contract a consultant to explore options for the site, including redeveloping the pool into a modern facility.

“Importantly, community consultation will be a cornerstone of this project. We want the people of Glenorchy and other interested stakeholders to have their say and help inform the final report, which will be crucial to the council’s considerations.

“The council understands the importance of community recreation facilities and how they provide a foundation for people to live healthy, active and engaged lives.”

Mayor Thomas said the council understood the closure of the current pool had upset some people.

“Closing the pool ahead of the coming season was not something the council wanted to do. We were presented with a situation where the current facility posed a risk to public safety, and it would have been irresponsible for the council to ignore that advice.

“The facts are the pool, as loved as it is, has reached the end of its of its operational life. A band-aid solution to repair the pool would not be a wise use of ratepayer funds.

“As a result, the pool will not open this season, but work will be done on planning for the future of the pool, assessing the options, and making decisions as to how they can best be achieved.”

Mayor Thomas said people would have the opportunity to raise any questions about the pool at the council’s regular Community Yarn event on 17 October.

“The community will be informed as to how it can have its say about the future of the pool site once the consultant has been selected and that process has been determined.”

Mayor Thomas said the council would announce the outcome of the tender as soon as it was finalised.