Council Meeting News February 2024

Glenorchy City Council held its second meeting for 2024 on Monday 26 February. 8 Elected Members were present. 

Highlights from the meeting include:

Petition Seeking Public Meeting and Pool Repair and State Funding Commitments

Council received a report about a petition that was received on 29 January. The petition states:

Petition to Glenorchy City Council

We the undersigned, hereby request that Council

  1. Urgently repair and re-open the Glenorchy War Memorial Pool
  2. Hold a public meeting to address the pool related concerns

Council considered the petition which had been tabled at the Council meeting on 29 January and was provided with background material, information regarding the petition’s compliance with the Local Government Act 1993, and proposed next steps in relation to the topics of the petition. A public meeting is scheduled from 6pm, 27 March 2024 at KGV. Details can be found here.

Council also considered the implications of recently announced $5 million funding commitments from both parties as part of their state election campaigns. Council determined to direct the General Manager to identify priority works required and start planning to safely repair and reopen the Glenorchy War Memorial Pool, while long-term solutions are being explored

Statement of Local Heritage Significance for Glenorchy War Memorial Pool

Council was briefed on a Council-commissioned Statement of Local Cultural Heritage Significance of the Glenorchy War Memorial Pool prepared by Praxis Environment, enabling its release to the public.

The purpose of the study was to assess the historic heritage significance of the pool complex against the criteria set out for local Heritage Places in the Tasmanian Planning Scheme using threshold guidelines established by Heritage Tasmania for use in Assessing Historic Heritage Significance.

The conclusion of the Statement, after considering the 7 criteria in the threshold guidelines established by Heritage Tasmania for use in Assessing Historic Heritage Significance, was that the place is of some local historic heritage significance against the following criteria: historical and community.

Capital Work Status Report

Council received its works status update report which outlined changes to the capital works program budget. Delivery of a large capital work program requires adjustments during the financial year due to project-related variables and external market factors. Some variations are caused by variations to the scope of works and/or contractor delays. Several adjustments are also needed in the recurrent capital works program, due to inflation impacts, contractor availability as well as a number of additional projects, such as contaminated soil removal.

Council’s Capital Works program for this year has an annual budget of $32.686 million with the major grant funded projects making up close to half of the program. At the end of January, a total of $12.659 million has been spent on the overall capital works program.

Currently, the recurrent capital works program is reported to be slightly behind budget at quarter end.  However much of the road resealing program takes place during February and March.

The report provided Council with details on proposed variations to expenditure, as well as detail on Major and Grant funded projects, such as:

  • Giblins Reserve Playspace
  • Montrose Bay Foreshore Skatepark
  • Council Chambers Solar Panel Installation and Roof Upgrades
  • Football Packages
  • Tolosa Park Dam Reintegration Project
  • Playground Renewal Program

Future of Local Government Review Final Report Submission

Council endorsed a submission to the Tasmanian Government on the recommendations of the Future of Local Government Review Final Report. Council welcomed the opportunity to provide further comment on the Future of Local Government Review Final Report and its 37 recommendations for local government reform and looks forward to working with the next Tasmanian Government after the election to ensure that momentum for the reform continues.

Council reflected that the Review is important for the sector and for the State of Tasmania. Council supported most of the 37 recommendations for reform, with some notable exceptions and qualifications around the expanded scope for local government, amalgamation, shared services, and funding arrangements.

Quarterly Report – Quarter 2 Ending 31 December 2023

Council received the second quarterly report on Council’s progress against the Annual Plan for 2023/2024.

The report provides financial and statistical updates, as well as further information to give context to the numbers and highlight the priority work happening across Council.  Council is continuing to work hard to deliver for the community, including some highlights of the quarter below:

  • Capital works progress:
  • Giblins Playspace – The regional playspace, plus MUGA court and outdoor table tennis table, and new accessible toilet block is now complete.
  • Benjafield Playspace – A district playground, rocket/space themed is progressing well and on track to be completed in March 2024. A carpark upgrade is also to be undertaken once the playground is completed.
  • Tolosa Park Dam Reintegration – Works, led by TasWater, are now underway and due for completion in July 2024.
  • KGV Football Park – A new change room facility is under construction, following completion of the new playing surface and sportsground lighting.
  • North Chigwell – The planning permit is close to being finalised for the new facilities building, with the procurement process underway following completion of the new playing surfaces and sportsground lighting.
  • Tasmanian Government Budget Submission
  • Community and Volunteer Awards – Continuation of new format – Nominations now open
  • McDonald’s planning scheme amendment and planning application decision
  • AFL High Performance Centre decision
  • Speed limit reductions
  • Submissions on the Development Assessment Panel Framework Position paper and Fire and Emergency Service Act reform

Business Updates

Monthly financial performance updates for January and mid-year comprehensive budget review papers were also provided which keep Council up to date with regular high level financial information.

You can view the full agenda and minutes on Council’s website, via this link