Council paves way for increased housing in Glenorchy

New planning controls for the Glenorchy CBD and an area of Main Rd between Moonah and Montrose have been approved by the Tasmanian Planning Commission, paving the way for additional housing development in the area.

Glenorchy Mayor Bec Thomas said Council welcomed the Commission’s approval, saying it would promote apartment-style housing as potential development above or behind existing ground-floor retail outlets.

“Whereas housing was previously prohibited in these areas, the new controls mean developers have the option to construct high-quality apartment-style housing within the existing retail precincts.

“We know we need more housing, with demand continuing to grow. The more housing – and housing types – we can facilitate, the more people can live, work and have a future in our city. The amendments we proposed to the Commission were specifically designed to create the option for more housing to be developed so everyone has a place to call home.”

Mayor Thomas said the new controls for the Glenorchy CBD encourage apartment developments to provide good amenity for residents, without affecting nearby businesses, renew urban design standards and introduce new measures to protect key assets like sunlight and views of the mountain.

She said in the Commercial Zone along Main Road between Moonah and Montrose apartments would need to be well-designed and complement the existing buildings. The design would also need to reduce impacts from the non-residential uses, such as noise and movement of commercial vehicles, to make sure commercial activity remained the primary focus for the area.

“This work paves the way for developers looking to capitalise on the prime central location of the Glenorchy CBD and the Main Road corridor, with clearer building design standards and more opportunities to increase site yield.

“Greater building heights and the ability to build apartments above or behind businesses provides flexibility for developers. The controls support liveable, well-designed housing within walking distance of our great range of restaurants, shops and services, which is good for business and residents.

“Importantly, the controls also protect nearby housing from privacy and overshadowing impacts,” Mayor Thomas said.

Community consultation took place as part of developing and approving the new planning controls. The controls will now form part of the Glenorchy Local Provisions Schedule under the Tasmanian Planning Scheme. The updated scheme takes effect on 13 March 2024, and can be viewed at