Council Meeting News June 2024

Glenorchy City Council held its sixth Ordinary Council Meeting for 2024 on Monday 24 June. 10 Elected Members were present. 

Highlights from the meeting include:

Announcements by the Chair

The Mayor spoke about youth crime and antisocial behaviour in the municipal area. She acknowledged the fear that community members, shop owners, and even Council staff are feeling. It is a complex problem to tackle and Council is committed to working with government agencies and services to improve safety. The Mayor announced that she would be arranging for a business forum on the issue, and later in the meeting Council decided to hold a broader workshop on crime and safety.

Results of the 2024 By-Election for Mayor and Councillor

Council acknowledged the election and swearing in of Sue Hickey as Mayor and Justin Stringer as Alderman earlier on 24 June 2024. The two were elected to their respective positions on 22 June 2024 following the resignation of former Mayor Bec Thomas.

Mayor Hickey previously held the office of the Deputy Mayor and therefore a new Deputy Mayor will be elected by Council at the July meeting.

Mayor Hickey and Alderman Stringer both expressed their gratitude for being trusted to represent the community and promised to do their best for the City of Glenorchy.

Congratulations Mayor Hickey and Alderman Stringer.

Results of the Elector Poll on the Glenorchy War Memorial Pool

During the By-Election period, Glenorchy electors were also invited to vote in an Elector Poll regarding the Glenorchy War Memorial Pool. The Poll was initiated by a petition delivered by Ms Janiece Bryan. The results were:

Do you support the Council with committed government funding, urgently repairing and reopening the Glenorchy War Memorial Pool?19, 637 (89.02%)2, 421 (10.98%)
Should the Council apply for future government funding, to retain the pool and redevelop it into a modern public pool facility that will serve the Glenorchy area for the longer term20, 547 (93.03%)1, 539 (6.97%)

Voting in the Elector Poll was not compulsory, and the results are not binding on Council. 66.99% of electors voted in the Elector Poll.

Revised Financial Hardship Policy

Council adopted a revised Financial Hardship Policy. The Financial Hardship Policy has been updated to ensure it includes and covers other council fees. Previously the Glenorchy City Council policy only included rates and some charges. Now the policy covers all our user fees and charges including the policy on how we consider requests.

Derwent River Ferry Expansion project

Council received an update on, and authorised community consultation to commence about elements of a proposed expansion of the Derwent River Ferry project.

The project is a key component of the Greater Hobart City Deal. In the Glenorchy area, Wilkinsons Point has been identified as the most appropriate location for a ferry terminal. The jetty would require upgrades and there would need to be improved connectivity to adjacent developments. There is already suitable existing infrastructure such as the GASP pavilion and public toilets. Montrose Bay Foreshore has also been identified as a less desirable location for a possible new passenger ferry terminal. It is not the preferred site as it does not have any pre-existing infrastructure. The project is in its initial stages and no firm decisions or plans have been made yet.

Business Updates

Monthly financial performance updates for May were also provided which keep Council up to date with regular high level financial information.

You can view the full agenda and minutes on Council’s website, via this link