Land sales program

We regularly review the land we own in Glenorchy to make sure our open spaces are providing value to our community. Sometimes this process will lead us to sell particular assets on the open market. This might be property, land, or an interest in land including easements and reserves for services or rights of way.

We usually sell property on the market through an agent or a public process. Sometimes we sell land directly to a party where there is no other likely purchaser, the purchaser is a public agency or where there is a desired outcome to satisfy development, social or employment objectives.

When purchasers seek an easement, drainage reserve or road reserve over Council land to serve their own development projects, once created the title to the land remains in Council’s ownership. Purchasers are required to pay for such encumbrances due to the restriction on use and development that the encumbrance introduces on the Council’s land.

Land currently for sale

There is no land currently listed for sale.

Land approved for future sale 

  • 3 Edgar Street, Claremont
  • 5a Taree Street, Chigwell
  • 11 and 13 Nielson Drive, Montrose
  • 14a Colston Street, Claremont
  • 119 Pitcairn Street, Montrose
  • 345 Main Road, Glenorchy
  • Part of 671 Main Road, Berriedale

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch with our Property department.

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