Food Safety

Food safety 

Food safety is very important – in Australia, 1 in 5 people will get sick from the food they eat every year and that can mean a hospital stay or even death. We work to avoid this wherever we can.

Food law in Tasmania is dictated by:


Every food business in Glenorchy is regularly visited by Environmental Health Officers. They check each business serves safe food by the law. 

In addition to this, we:

  • Regularly inspect food businesses to make sure they follow the Food Act 2003
  • Scientifically sample food to check it is safe to eat
  • Provide food safety information
  • Take part in the Cool Canteen Accreditation Program (Cool CAP) (external link)
  • Investigate when people eat food that makes them sick
  • Give food safety training to people through our online food safety training (external link) tool.


Keep food safe

Important ways to keep food safe include:

  • safe temperatures for cooking and storage
  • keeping food areas clean
  • stopping cross contamination
  • washing hands.


Food safety information

If your business is handling food, you can use these food safety resources:


Food labelling

To make selling fair and safe for everybody there are rules that food businesses must follow when it comes to food labelling. You need to consider how you will package and label your food, as people buying your food need to know what's in it.

View the food labelling information sheet (external link).