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About the project

What is the CBD Revitalisation Project? 

The project will physically upgrade the CBD infrastructure (roadway, footpaths, street furniture etc.), along Main Road Glenorchy, from Terry St to Barry Street 

The project’s aims to:

  • Develop Glenorchy’s civic heart which contains high quality, welcoming and activated spaces where businesses can thrive;
  • Establish a network of accessible and safe public spaces, easy for people to explore and enjoy both day and night;
  • Create an authentic and distinctive place; true to the Glenorchy community’s culture and heritage; and connected to our unique landscape setting;
  • Make a CBD that is easy to access by a range of transport modes – whether by walking, cycling, public transport or by car. 

The project will try to do this by:

  • Minimising the impact of cars on the road amenity of the CBD;
  • Enhancing overall experience of the street for pedestrians and other users;
  • Attracting new social and commercial activity;
  • Providing new uses for underused and empty spaces with the intent to extend the life of the CBD.

What are the main things the project will deliver? 

  • Widening the footpaths to provide safer pedestrian/cyclist movement and potential options for outdoor dining;
  • Redesign of Main Road to encourage lower traffic volumes and speeds;
  • Introduction of accessible parking spaces to increase access for people with a disability;
  • Installing a flush central median to allow a staged crossing of the street for pedestrians;
  • Installing protected bicycle lanes to the CBD along with secure bike stands to encourage active transport;
  • Improved street lighting;
  • Assigning designated Maxi-Taxi and motorcycle parking spaces;
  • Investigation of art and Public Art installations in the CBD to add to the amenity and link to other art and cultural elements within the City;
  • Providing high quality street furniture with flexible arrangements to encourage people to stop, sit and engage;
  • Planting street trees, including new trees, to create rooms within the CBD and provide informal seating. 

What is the cost of the project and who is funding it? 

  • The total cost of the project is $5.795M and is being funded by Council with $500K grant funding from State Govt.
  • Some smaller grants have been received through the Vulnerable Road Users Program.
  • Further grant opportunities will be considered if/when they arise. 

Why is the area from Terry to Tolosa St being changed? 

The infrastructure (roads, footpaths, tree enclosures etc) and the area’s general use is both aged and changing – infrastructure upgrades were inevitable and as a result Council have developed a project which will provide for both; an upgrade to infrastructure while creating an enhanced space and CBD area for the whole community 

How long will the construction take? 

The project is long-term across three years; 2019, 2020 and 2021 

Across the three years, construction will occur in about 6-month stages:

Stage 3A (Terry to Tolosa) will commence in early February 2019 and be completed by June 30, 2019. 

Stage 3B and C (Tolosa to Barry) will occur between July 2019 to late November 2019 then from February 2020 to June 2020. Stage 3C will occur between July 2020 to late November 2020 and then from February 2021 to June 2021. 

What are the construction hours for the project? 

Normal construction hours are 7:30AM to 4:30PM, however, there may be the occasional need for night works depending on the complexity of the work and to reduce the interruption to businesses, traffic flows and pedestrian movements. 

How and when will the community be communicated/ updated with the project? 

Prior to commencement of any works and during project works as well, the community will be updated by Gazette, Glenorchy City Council’s website, 

How can I provide feedback/ opinions on the project? 

Through the 
Project Reference Group 



How would an emergency situation be managed? 

Emergency situations would be handled as would any emergency situation, with a first call to; Police, Ambulance and Fire Brigade if it warranted them all; 

Council staff working on the project site would be expected to maintain calm, with themselves and the general public, and assist first responders, only if they asked to do so; 

Second call would be to Site Co-ordinator, if they aren’t onsite, but they probably would be; 

If the Site Co-ordinator is onsite, the next call would be to the Project Manager

What should I do if I believe my property has been damaged by the activities associated with the project? 

If you think an incident has occurred, we recommend that you write to us ( formally about the details of your damage (where/when/how it was damaged) and provide evidence of your damage. The Council then will contact our insurance advisor to assist you with your case. 

Improved safety 

How can I access the area (Northgate, restaurants, Commonwealth Bank, etc.) with safety? 

Footpaths will generally be open during the works but there may be periods where pedestrian access is restricted for safety or logistical reasons. Signage and personnel will be available on site to direct pedestrians if/when required. 

What if I get injured due to the activities associated with the project? 

If an incident occurs, it i recommended that you should firstly, make emergency calls (refer to 1.9). Next, please report to our customer service via hotline (03) 6216 6800 or email address ( and provide the details of the incident (where/when/how it happened) and provide evidences of your injury. The Council then will contact our insurance advisor to assist you with your case. 

Connection Cycleway

How can cyclists access the area (from Terry to Tolosa) during the construction? 

Work will generally only be undertaken on one side of the road or footpath at any one time. In the case of any road restrictions, there is the need to allow at least one lane of traffic open. 

Two-way street

Can I travel normally on the street? 

Yes however, there will be some restriction to traffic movements due to road works, kerb construction, asphalting, line-marking etc – this will occur intermittently as required. 

Which route should I need to take if the street is blocked? 

Two bypass routes are available around the Glenorchy CBD area;

  • KGV Avenue to the northside of Main Road;
  • Barry Street to the south side of Main Road. 


Are the taxis able to park on the street while the construction takes place? 

Yes, until affected by construction, all parking areas will remain as they are during these times. 

Where can I catch the taxis from now on? 

Taxi ranks will remain in the same locations until construction timelines affect them. Project staff will continue to liaise with the Taxi Association on possible options during the project timeframe. 

Car Parking 

Will the car parks remain the same? 

Some parking bays on the Northgate side, at the Barry Street end of Main Road will be end up being removed. 

How many car parks are closed? Why? 

About 12 overall – the main reason for reduction of parking spaces is as per two of the project’s objectives – to minimise the impact of vehicles on this section of Main Road as well as enhancing the overall space for pedestrians and general use. 

Are there substituted car parks? Where are they? 

The design does not provide any substituted car spaces but there is ample off-street parking available in surrounding car park areas. 

Will there be parking for people with a disability?

Council proposes to install four dedicated accessibility parking spaces in the project area, where there are none currently provided. 

How can I access the accessible car parks? 

These car spaces will be situated on Main Road itself and require no special means to access them – they will be identified with the international accessibility icon painted on the road. 

Tree removal

Why are the trees being removed? 

Only a few trees will be removed, and only because their root systems are causing major infrastructure issues with underground services, pedestrian walkways and footpaths as well as some retaining wall structures. 

Will the street be blocked during the tree removal process? 

Roads and footpaths may be required to be temporarily closed for public safety during the removal. 

Will new trees be grown? How many? 

New trees will be placed in the footpaths, median strip roadway and possibly in the chambers forecourt area – the final number of new trees has not been determined as yet.

How long will the tree removal process take? 

Unknown at this stage. 

Will tree removal cause any danger for road commuters and pedestrians? 

All work health and safety processes and aspects will be covered off prior to and during all construction, whether it’s for tree removal or any works. 

Public transport

What are the changes to bus routes? 

No changes planned at this stage.

Where can I find information about bus changes? 

Please find information about bus changes on 
Metro Tasmania’s Facebook pagewebsite and on the Metro App. 

How can I get updates about the bus services during the time construction takes place? 

Please find updates about bus services during the time construction takes place on 
Metro Tasmania’s Facebook and website.