Parking Information


Council manages parking in the Glenorchy municipality. We supply and maintain public parking facilities, and also issue infringement notices for parking offences.

Where can I park in Glenorchy?

Council offers a range of on and off-street public parking throughout the Glenorchy municipality.

We have a map (PDF) showing the available parking facilities in the Glenorchy and Moonah CBDs, as well as the area around KGV Stadium and the Glenorchy War Memorial Pool.

Where parking is restricted (that is, where you are not permitted to park or stop, or the amount of time you can park is limited) signs will tell you the rules that apply.

Examples of parking signage and road markings that you may see in Glenorchy include:
No Stopping

You must not stop, unless it is unavoidable (i.e. due to traffic conditions)


No Parking

You may stop briefly to collect passengers or unload goods
Restricted Parking

You may only park for 2 hours during the identified times
No Standing

No stopping adjacent to the yellow lines
Please note: all public parking within Glenorchy is regulated by the Road Rules 2009 (external link), which are published by the Tasmanian Government and apply to the whole state. Part 12 of the Road Rules sets out the particular rules in relation to restrictions on parking and stopping.

What if there are no signs or road markings?

If there are no parking signs or road markings in an area, parking is generally unrestricted. However, please carefully check what restrictions may apply where you are parking to reduce the risk of receiving a fine.