Council Policies

Council policies are defined as a statement of the Council’s intent, commitment or position to achieve an objective, which provides a decision-making framework for day-to-day applications. In
essence, describes what Council considers to be appropriate on a particular issue. 
Council policies are generally formal statements that outline governing principles and intentions that underpin Council practices. These governing principles are derived from and shaped by:
  • the law and regulations that govern the Council
  • national (and where applicable) international standards
  • community expectations, and
  • the values and objectives as articulated in the Council’s strategic documents.
Council policies have the role of:
  • ensuring compliance with statutory responsibilities
  • setting Council standards, and
  • improving the management of risk.
Council policies are intended to be longer term in application and where practicable will have a four year tenure before Council review. Notwithstanding, Council policies remain in effect until otherwise replaced.
In accordance with section 28(2)(b) of the Local Government Act 1993, all Council policies must be approved by Council.