After-hours service


Council provides an after-hours Animal Management service to the community.

The service applies to the following situations:

  • Dogs which have attacked or are acting aggressively (ie trying to attack, lunge at, or harass), and the dog is visible in the immediate area, has been confined or restrained, or is aggressive and identified to a property but not restrained to that property
  • Livestock or horses straying on public roads


The service also applies to stray dogs only which have been secured and are wearing a Council tag. Animal Management Officers are unable to attend to collect stray dogs, however the after hours service can, where possible, reunite a dog which has been found with its owner - only if the number on the Council tag can be quoted to the telephone operator and the owner is contactable. 

The service is operable outside of normal Council working hours, including weekends and public holidays.

Council can be contacted after-hours on our main general enquiries number: (03) 6216 6800.