Hobart City Deal

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Submission on Public Transport Services for State Budget 2020-2021

In November 2019, Glenorchy, Hobart, Kingborough and Clarence Councils made a submission to the Tasmanian Government for the State Budget 2020-21 requesting that the government take action to improve public transport in Greater Hobart through measures including increased spending and the establishment of a Public Transport Authority.



What is the Hobart City Deal?

The Hobart City Deal was signed on 24 February 2019.  The City Deal is a 10-year partnership between the Australian and Tasmanian Governments, and Glenorchy, Hobart, Clarence and Kingborough councils.

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Under the Hobart City Deal, the Federal Government has agreed to provide funding for a range of significant projects for the Greater Hobart area.

Major commitments under the City Deal include:

  • $82 million for border services to support international flights at Hobart Airport
  • $450 million to invest in Antarctic and Southern Ocean Research and facilities
  • $576 million to replace the Bridgewater Bridge
  • $105 million to reduce traffic congestion and improve transport in Greater Hobart (including $25 million to activate the Northern Suburbs Transit Corridor)
  • $30 million to develop and improve access to affordable housing


After the City Deal was signed, Council’s Mayor and staff worked closely with representatives from the State and Federal Governments and the other three Greater Hobart councils to develop an action plan to support the delivery of the commitments made in the City Deal. This resulted in the Hobart City Deal Implementation Plan, which was signed on 3 October 2019.

Click here to download a copy of the Implementation Plan 

What does the City Deal mean for Glenorchy?

The Hobart City Deal will benefit all residents of Greater Hobart.  However, Glenorchy City Council is committed to working with all levels of government to make sure our residents see real and positive results from the key projects that the City Deal promises to deliver.

In particular, Council is pushing for the $25 million allocated to the Northern Suburbs Transit Corridor (the disused railway lines that run through the northern suburbs) to establish passenger rail services between Granton and the Hobart CBD.  The activation of the rail line will improve access to Glenorchy and its suburbs, reduce traffic congestion and drive investment in our City. 

Click here for more information about the Northern Suburbs Rail Corridor

Council also wants to make sure that replacement of the Bridgewater Bridge does not divert too much money from other important projects which will have more benefits for Glenorchy and the rest of the Greater Hobart region (for example, by upgrading the existing bridge for a lower cost, rather than building a new one).

Council will continue to discuss all aspects of the City Deal with State and Federal governments to make sure the City Deal improves the lives of our ratepayers.