Water Seepage


When ground or surface water does not drain into a formed channel or stormwater system, it can result in water seepage. 

Water seepage may be caused by:

  • surface runoff from a neighbouring property
  •  natural groundwater or a spring
  • faulty internal plumbing or neighbouring property’s internal plumbing
  • faults within Council’s stormwater main
  • faults within TasWater’s sewer or water mains

What to do about water seepage

The Council employs an investigations officer who can assess your problem in the first instance. To arrange this, please contact us.

Surface runoff from a neighbouring property

If water is coming from a neighbouring property, the neighbour will need to redirect the water to a proper stormwater outlet. In some circumstances you may need to take responsibility for protecting your own property. We can advise on the best method to protect it, which is generally through the installation of subsoil drains or surface drains.

Natural underground water

Underground water may affect some properties, particularly after sustained or heavy rain periods. If this happens on your property, you will need to put some sort of protection in place. We can advise you on the best method to achieve this, which is generally through the installation of subsoil drains.

Faulty internal plumbing

This type of fault may be anything from water running straight off the roof to the ground, broken internal pipes or discharge from an area that doesn’t let water drain through it. You should check for any of these issues before you contact us.

A leak in a neighbouring property’s internal plumbing

If seepage is caused by a leak coming from a neighbouring property, we will require that the owner of the property fixes this problem.

Faults within Council's stormwater main

We will check all stormwater infrastructure and, if required, a camera will be used to check the condition of the stormwater pipe to ensure there are no breaks in the line. If a fault is identified that may be causing the seepage issue then we will arrange for repair.

Faults within TasWater's water or sewer infrastructure

If the soakage water contains fluoride, it is highly likely that the water is coming from leaking water or sewer infrastructure. In this case, TasWater should be contacted on 13 6992 for seepage issues related to sewer main or water main faults.


Protecting your property from seepage

By following the simple steps below you can minimise the risk of seepage to your property:

  • Make sure all your roof areas drain into well-maintained downpipes and then to your private stormwater drainage system.
  • Clean debris from the gutter and downpipes regularly to minimise the chance of blocking.
  • Ensure proper subsurface drainage (e.g. subsoil drains, French drain, soakage trench etc.) is installed to protect rooms and garages that have floors below ground level.
  • Ensure all areas that water cannot drain through, such as paths and driveways, do not send water towards your property or to your neighbours’.

It is important to remember to maintain subsurface drains to make sure that they remain effective over their lifespan, and that they are replaced when required.