Parking Fines


If you have received an infringement notice for a parking violation, you can either:

  • pay the fine within 28 days using the payment options listed below
  • contest the fine in court by lodging a Notice of Election for Court Hearing with the Council
  • apply to the Glenorchy Council General Manager to vary the payment conditions or, in limited circumstances, have the infringement notice withdrawn. 

If you do not pay the infringement notice or lodge a notice of election for court hearing within 28 days, and if the notice is not withdrawn, you may be charged extra, in line with the Monetary Penalties Enforcement Act 2005.

Please note: if your fine goes to debt collection, you will be required to pay additional charges.

Payment options

You can pay an infringement notice using different payment options.

If you are experiencing financial hardship you may apply to have the payment conditions varied. Please contact us by mail or email


Contesting an infringement notice

If you believe an infringement notice was incorrectly issued, you may choose to contest it in court. To do this, please complete a Notice of Election for Court Hearing (PDF) and return it to:

The General Manager
PO Box 103
Glenorchy TAS 7010

Or lodge it in person at our Customer Service Centre


Withdrawing infringement notices

In certain circumstances, the Council may agree to withdraw an infringement notice. 

This will only happen when you can provide satisfactory evidence that you did not commit the offence stated in the infringement notice (for example, you were not parked illegally at the time the notice was issued). 

To apply to have an infringement notice withdrawn, please provide a Statutory Declaration clearly setting out the reasons why you think the notice should be withdrawn, along with any evidence that you have (for example, photographs of the area in which the offence is alleged to have occurred) and mail it to:

The General Manager
PO Box 103
Glenorchy TAS 7010