Recycling Collection

Each new home is provided with a standard 240 litre, yellow-lid recycle bin that is emptied fortnightly on the same day as your general waste collection. 

Council will collect:

  • paper and cardboard
  • all green, brown and clear glass bottles and jars (see-through)
  • aluminium and steel cans, including aerosol cans, oil cans and empty (dry) paint cans
  • plastic containers with numbers 1-7 (found on the bottom of the container)
  • milk and juice cartons


Council will NOT collect:

  • pizza boxes (these go in your FOGO wheelie bin with the lime green lid)
  • facial tissues and paper towels (these also go in your FOGO wheelie bin with the lime green lid)
  • waxed paper and/or carbon paper
  • ceramics and porcelain, Pyrex cookware, mirrors or window glass, light globes, sheet glass and poison bottles
  • plastic bags, cling-film, foam or polystyrene
  • nappies, syringes
  • garden/organic waste
  • clothing or shoes
  • oil, acid or chemical container
  • asbestos 


For a more comprehensive guide to recycling in Glenorchy please review the Waste And Recycling Services guide (PDF)