Parking Sensors

From May 2022, Council started trialling the use of parking sensors to monitor the usage on Main Rd, Glenorchy in the CBD. These sensors have been installed in the ground under each parking bay to detect and report when a vehicle arrives and departs the bay.

Below are a few FAQs on parking sensors. If you have any further questions, please Contact Us.

Each sensor detects when a vehicle arrives and departs a bay, and records that data. This data can then be used to issue a parking infringement if the vehicle has over-stayed the allowed time, or can be used to monitor the amount of traffic through the parking spaces to inform Council’s Parking Policy and ensure appropriate turnover of vehicles for the local businesses.

The sensors are incredibly accurate. They have been tried and tested across Australia and used in many capital cities. Each sensor is calibrated to the bay that it sits within to monitor the different types of vehicles it will detect. The sensors are constantly monitored and tested to ensure they are working properly.

Absolutely nothing has changed for the driver and their obligations. Drivers must still observe the time limit for these parking bays as usual.

Sensors offer a more consistent and accurate approach to parking management by encouraging drivers to comply with parking restrictions. Council is trialling these sensors to identify efficiencies in how we deliver parking and compliance, and to gather traffic data to inform our Parking Policy and improve turnover for local businesses.

For the trial, Council has installed 20 sensors in the bays along Main Rd, Glenorchy in the CBD between Terry St and Barry St, excluding the bays marked and reserved for people with a disability.

If you receive a parking fine, your options can be found on the back of the ticket, or by clicking here.