Glenorchy Interim Planning Scheme and the Local Provisions Schedule

The Glenorchy Interim Planning Scheme 2015 sets out the way land can be used and developed within Glenorchy.

The State Government’s iPlan system is the legal electronic database version of the scheme under planning legislation. However, our interactive webmap has extra information – such as maps of heritage-listed places and specific properties referenced in the planning scheme by their Certificate of Title.

You can also get information on the zoning of the land you are interested in and whether any overlays (such as biodiversity or inundation hazards) apply to the land through ‘my planning enquiry’ module on the iPlan website

Please be aware that not all codes are mapped (such as bushfire-prone areas), and other matters such as car parking and stormwater management requirements appear in other areas in the planning scheme.

View the Glenorchy Interim Planning Scheme 2015.

Draft Glenorchy Local Provisions Schedule

The State Government is developing a single State-wide planning scheme that will replace the Glenorchy Interim Planning Scheme 2015. The Tasmanian Planning Scheme is made up of two parts: State Planning Provisions and Local Provisions Schedules.

The State Planning Provisions have been approved by the Minister for Planning. You can view the provisions at the planning reform website.

The Draft Glenorchy LPS was on public exhibition from 23 July 2020 until 21 September 2020.  The period for comment has closed. Representations were considered by Council at its meeting of 30 November 2020. Read the Council report.

A copy of the Council report and all representations have been sent to the Tasmanian Planning Commission. 

You can see the exhibition documents and the progress of the Draft LPS on the Tasmanian Planning Commission’s website. You can also see how the controls are proposed to be applied to our City in our interactive map.

The Commission will hold public hearings to consider our report and the representations before deciding whether to recommend to the Minister whether to approve the LPS.  

The State Planning Provisions have no effect until the draft Glenorchy Local Provisions Schedule (draft Glenorchy LPS) is approved.

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