Single Dwellings and/or Secondary Residence

Are you planning to build a single dwelling and/or a secondary residence (e.g granny flat or studio)?

Before you start works you must apply to your local Planning Authority with your proposed plans.

A single dwelling and/or secondary residence may be eligible for the Planning Authority to issue a No Permit Required certificate. This means your plans have been assessed and do not need a planning permit.

You must apply to find out if your single dwelling and/or secondary residence design proposal is eligible for ‘No Permit Required’.

What do I need for an application?

The No Permit Required application must consist of:

  •  a completed planning application form
  •  the plans/drawings of your proposal (a scaled site plan and elevations of the building)
  • a current copy of titles, including the schedule of easements, if any.

Download the planning application form and email it, with your plans/design drawings and the titles to 

What happens next?

Once you lodge your completed application and the assessment fees have been paid in full a Planning Officer will be in contact with you when your application is ready for assessment.,

Your No Permit Required application will be assessed against the applicable provisions of the planning scheme for the Glenorchy municipality.  This assessment may take up to 10 business days. 

What if my application doesn’t qualify?

Sometimes a single dwelling and/or secondary residence proposals require a planning permit.  If your No Permit Required application does not qualify for the ‘No Permit Required’ certificate, your application will automatically be converted to a planning permit application.  If this happens to your application, a Planning Officer will be in contact with you to discuss the assessment of your application and associated fees.

Things to consider with a No Permit Required application


A dwelling is a building, or part of a building, used as a self-contained residence and which includes food preparation facilities, a bath or shower, laundry facilities, a toilet and sink, and any outbuilding and works normally forming part of a dwelling.

A single dwelling is one dwelling on a lot on which no other dwelling is situated, or a dwelling and an ancillary dwelling on a lot on which no other dwelling is situated.

A secondary residence is an additional residence which is self contained and:

  • has a gross floor area not more than 60m2;
  • is appurtenant to a single dwelling;
  • shares with the single dwelling access and parking, and water, sewerage, gas, electricity and telecommunications connections and meters; and
  • may include laundry facilities


A single dwelling and/or a secondary residence in the General Residential zone, Inner Residential zone, Low Density Residential zone and Rural Living zone may be eligible for a No Permit Required certificate.

You can find out the zoning of you land by looking at the zoning overlay on the mapping, which can be found here.

Submitting plans

The plans/design drawings attached to your application should be professionally drawn.  However, if you can competently draw plans to a reasonable scale, a sketch plan (site plan and elevations) may be accepted as part of your application.

Property titles

The current copy of titles can be accessed through the TheList website.

If you have any questions about the No Permit Required application process, simply contact us.