Other Council waste services

Commercial waste collection

In some instances commercial properties may be approved to receive Council’s fortnightly kerbside collection service on application from the property owner.

Please contact us for more information.

Public Litter Bins

There are approximately 300 public litter waste bins throughout Glenorchy, including at sports grounds, parks and reserves, shopping centres, bus stops and main roads.  These are either 60L pole mounted bins or 140L red or silver top bins.

Managing litter is everyone’s responsibility.  Not only is it unsightly and costly, it can end up in our storm water systems, streams, rivers and oceans, harming the local fauna and flora.

To help reduce the impact of litter, we can make better choices about the type of packaging we buy, how we dispose of rubbish and what action we take when witnessing illegal dumping.

If you see someone littering or find dumped rubbish please do the right thing and report it. Visit https://rubbish.epa.tas.gov.au/

All enquiries regarding Council litter bins please contact Glenorchy City Council Customer Service 03 6216 6800.

Wheelie Bin Audits

We randomly check garbage, recycling and FOGO bins for incorrect contents, as well as run regular bin audits in conjunction with our waste collection contractor. 

Bin audits help us focus future waste education and learn what things may be contaminating kerbside wheelie bins.  Contamination ruins everyone’s good efforts to do the right thing.  

To review the results of Glenorchy’s latest wheelie bin audit visit our WasteStartsWithU website