Windemere Park – New Public Toilet Block

A construction site has been established at Windemere Park, for a new public toilet block.

Works are expected to begin Wednesday, 1 May 2024, weather permitting.

The new toilet block will include external lighting and CCTV cameras fitted as an additional safety measure and a new planting scheme. The garden area is located to suit the existing irrigation network, a new pine tree will help frame the existing gathering space to the Claremont RSL War Memorial area. A Lone pine will be planted in a circular garden bed, with concrete edging (to assist lawn mowing & topping up of mulch over time). Four Grevillea Legacy Flames will be planted (two on either side of the new plaque) to draw attention to the new plaque. The size of these plants will be subject to commercial availability.

The location for the new public toilet block is shown below in blue, with the existing Pine Memorial circled in Red.

As the new facility being constructed in close proximity to the Pine Memorial, Council will be relocating the memorial and planting a new tree of the same species in another location within the park (see below map)

If you would like to view the below plans in PDF form, please click this link.

Existing Pine Memorial Location (red circle) & New Toilet Block (blue area)