Asset management

Sustainable asset management is about ensuring current assets are managed effectively to meet the needs of the community now, and into the future.

Council’s assets

  • We own and manage more than 1 billion dollars worth of assets. These assets include roads, stormwater, bridges, parks and public buildings.
  • We maintain detailed 10-year capital work plans based on things such as condition, location, risk, and future development. That is, we plan well ahead for our upcoming works so that we spend our communities’ funds where they are needed, and we can set our asset management and financial goals for the long term.
  • These 10-year plans are continuously reviewed and refined as work is completed and new information is collected. It is important to keep track of changes to the condition of our assets, changing community needs and new assets coming on line.

Council’s Asset Management Strategy

A key focus for the Council has been developing and implementing its updated Asset Management Strategy for Infrastructure Assets 2019-2023. The updated strategy was adopted by Council in June 2019.

The objective of the strategy is to establish a framework that will guide the planning, construction, maintenance and operations of the Glenorchy City Council.

This means:

  • We can maintain assets for the future at funding and service levels, consistent with our long-term plan.
  • We can ensure that key asset management plans for transport, drainage and buildings are developed and maintained.
  • We will continuously improve our knowledge, skills and planning to better manage our assets into the future.

Asset management